My Garage is a unique smartphone app designed for any size garage

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My Garage is a unique smartphone app designed for any size garage

Designed and developed by Vehicle Management Systems (VMS), My Garage is a totally unique Smartphone App that brings your business closer to your customers by linking directly to them via their mobile phone.

My Garage gives real value to your customers by offering a genuinely useful smartphone app without gimmicks. The App has many features including real-time reminders for MOT, Service and Tax renewals as well as a huge amount of useful information about their vehicle.

As a business offering the My Garage App, you will have a direct link to your customers and can gain real-time access to invaluable marketing data via a fully customised administration portal. This easy-to-use portal, accessible from any computer in your office, also allows you to contact and up-sell any of your products and services directly to your customers via their mobile phone.

There isn't a more powerful sales & marketing tool on the market.

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How it works

Get started with My Garage in 3 easy steps
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1 . You Sign up to My Garage

Your business will be assigned a unique code which you give to your customers so they can download your own branded version of the My Garage App for FREE.

This creates a direct link to your customers, shows your dedication to technical innovation and will begin to save your business administration costs.

You'll be sent promotional materials to put in your garage that will advertise your new app to your customers and boost downloads.

You'll also get personalised setup advice and technical support throughout the process.

2 . Your customers download your branded My Garage App

Once your customers have downloaded the app and signed up to your garage, they add their vehicle by simply entering its registration. The My Garage app then automatically finds all the relevant vehicle information including its MOT and Tax dates, vehicle specifications and even tyre details!

Your customers can even add multiple vehicles to the App allowing them to add family members or companies vehicles which in turn provides your business with potential new customers.

The App will automatically remind your customers before their tax and MOT are due 30 days, 7 days & 1 day preventing them from driving illegally and reminding them to book MOT's with you.

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3 . Garage Control Panel

Your garage will get an online control panel that allows you to see all of the customers that have downloaded your app.

The control panel will allow you to search through all your customers, see their vehicles and all the vehicles information, including techical information and much more.

You can even search for all vehciles that have an upcoming MOT so you can accurately work out your expected load for the month.

Plus, you can send Personalised SMS text messages direct to your customers mobiles to keep in contact with them. (This feature is chargeable)


Today, there are well over 3 billion smartphones in use. Over the next few years, almost all of the 7 billion people on earth will have a smartphone.
Benedict Evans


Business Benefits

The benefits to your business include:

Your own branded mobile app


A staff friendly admin portal


Cut your admin costs


Improve customer retention


direct link to your garage via the app


Increase your repeat customers & Sales


Unlimited marketing opportunities


Full technical & account support

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Customer Benefits

The app will benefit your customers with:

MOT Reminders

Automated reminders 30, 7 & 1 day(s) before their vehicles MOT is due for renewal


Tax Reminders

Automated reminders 30, 7 & 1 day(s) before their vehicles Tax is due for renewal


Service Reminders

Automated reminders 30, 7 & 1 day(s) before their vehicles service is due for renewal


Vehicle Information

A wide range of information about their vehicles, including tyre, engine & performance statistics

Like to know more about My Garage?


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For only £49 per month we have our own app which is simple to use, saves us money and is a great way of impressing new and existing customers!
Steven Badrock - ABC Services